Terms & Conditions for Online Payments

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This Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd Online Payment Services Agreement (“Agreement”) constitutes a legally binding agreement that governs the use of the online payment services (“Services”) offered by Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd (“Company,” “we,” “us,” or “our”). By accessing and utilizing the Services, you (“Client,” “you,” or “your”) acknowledge your understanding of and consent to adhere to the terms and conditions outlined herein. It is imperative that you carefully read and comprehend this Agreement before proceeding.

1. Acceptance of Terms

Upon accessing and using the Services made available by Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd, you explicitly acknowledge that you have perused, comprehended, and consented to adhere to the conditions detailed within this Agreement. Should any aspect of these terms be disagreeable to you, it is necessary that you abstain from utilizing the Services.

2. Online Payment Services

2.1 The Company extends online payment services that permit Clients to effectuate payments for services, products, or reservations offered by Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd through our official & affiliate websites, applications, and associated portals.

2.2 Clients are obligated to furnish accurate and updated payment information when executing online payments. The Company shall not be held liable for any errors or delays attributable to inaccuracies within the provided payment details.

3. Payment Processing

3.1 Payments made through the online payment system are subject to processing by third-party payment processors. The Company bears no liability for any delays, errors, or security breaches that may arise in connection with the payment processing.

3.2 Clients acknowledge that the online payment system may not be continuously accessible due to scheduled maintenance, technical complications, or other unforeseen circumstances. Consequently, the Company assumes no responsibility for any inconvenience or financial losses incurred as a result of such temporary unavailability.

3.3 Upfront Payment Policy

In the event that the designated Service Provider or hotel stipulates the necessity of an upfront payment, such payment may be collected or subjected to pre-authorization at the time of initiating your reservation. It’s important to note that such upfront payment might be non-refundable. Prior to finalizing your booking, we strongly recommend reviewing the specific policy pertaining to upfront payments established by the respective Service Provider or hotel. This policy, accessible during the booking process, is beyond our influence and falls outside our sphere of responsibility.

3.4 Fraudulent Activity and Payment Disputes

Should you become aware of, or suspect any form of fraudulent activity or unauthorized utilization of your selected Payment Method, we urge you to promptly contact your designated payment provider. Depending on the circumstances, your payment provider might assume liability for any resultant charges, potentially deducting an excess amount as applicable.

3.5 Currency Discrepancy and Conversion

In cases where the currency chosen on our Platform differs from the currency employed by the Service Provider or hotel, the following actions may be taken:

3.5.1 Display of Prices in Local Currency

We have the option to present prices in your native currency for your convenience.

3.5.2 Pay In Your Own Currency Option

We may offer you the choice to transact in your own currency.

In conjunction with these actions, our Currency Conversion Rate will be implemented and exhibited in your local currency throughout the checkout process. This exchange rate will also be featured in the booking particulars within your registered Account or, if you do not possess an Account, in the correspondence forwarded to your provided email address. It is important to note that should any fees be levied for the provision of these services, the fee will be articulated as a percentage or fixed fee over the prevailing rates set by your local banking institution. Moreover, it’s possible that your card issuer could impose a foreign transaction fee.

3.6 Secure Payment Method Storage

Upon obtaining your explicit consent, we will securely retain the details of your designated Payment Method for future transactions. This procedure facilitates seamless processing for subsequent transactions while maintaining the security and confidentiality of your information.

4. Security

4.1 The Company endeavors to employ reasonable measures to ensure the security of online payment transactions. However, Clients bear sole responsibility for safeguarding the security of their personal devices, payment data, and login credentials.

4.2 Clients are expressly prohibited from disclosing their login credentials or payment information to any third parties. The Company shall not be held accountable for unauthorized access or misuse of Clients’ accounts resulting from any breach of this provision.

5. Refunds and Cancellations

5.1 Policies governing refunds and cancellations for products, services, or reservations made via online payments are contingent upon the individual policies of the Company’s respective products or services. Clients are advised to review these policies thoroughly prior to executing payments.

5.2 Clients are entitled to request refunds or cancellations according to the guidelines outlined within the Company’s pertinent product policies. Should refunds be applicable, they will be processed through the original payment method employed during the transaction.

5.3 Refund requests will be processed between 2 – 60 days depending on the service provider or hotel terms and conditions agreed between us and the service provider or hotel. Keep note that credit card refunds might take longer to appear on your card statement after we have processed it as this solely depends on your local card provider.

6. Disclaimer

6.1 The Company strives to furnish accurate and current information via the online payment system. Nevertheless, the Company does not provide any guarantees or assurances regarding the accuracy, comprehensiveness, or reliability of the presented information. It is incumbent upon Clients to verify the accuracy of the information prior to initiating any payments.

7. Changes to Terms

7.1 The Company reserves the prerogative to modify or update the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any juncture without antecedent notification. Clients are encouraged to periodically review these terms for potential alterations.

8. Governing Law

8.1 This Agreement shall be interpreted and enforced in concordance with the laws of the Republic of Maldives, without giving consideration to its principles of conflict of law.

9. Contact Information

9.1 For all inquiries or concerns pertinent to online payments or the provisions delineated within this Agreement, Clients may establish communication with Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd via email at accounts@splendidasia.com.

By employing the online payment services extended by Splendid Asia Pvt Ltd, you affirm your acknowledgment, comprehension, and concurrence with these terms and conditions. If any element of this Agreement is deemed objectionable, discontinuation of the utilization of the Services is advised.

Effective Date: 30 August 2023

Last Updated: 30 August 2023